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Logistics4Pharma’s main base of operations is in Luxembourg. Here can be found our Product Development center, where we develop new and innovative transport- and packing-solutions.

Logistics4Pharma S.à r.l.
270, Rue de Neudorf
2222 Luxembourg
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Phone: +352 28 99 28 29 – 100

Logistics 4 Pharma - Compan - Location - Frankfurt; Skyline of Frankfurt

National branches:

Germany HQ, Frankfurt:

Our German base of operations is found close to Frankfurt airport, one of the largest transport hubs in Europe. Here we operate a modern GDP-compliant logistics center, as well as our own pharma-certified European transport fleet. L4P (Deutschland) GmbH is under total ownership of the Luxembourg-based Logistics4Pharma S.à r.l.

L4P (Deutschland) GmbH
Im Weidensee 9
65929 Frankfurt
Phone: +49. 69. 30 08 83 – 100

North Germany branch, Hamburg:

With an excellent location in the Hamburg district Fuhlsbüttel, our office is located in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt. On Site, our North German branch will serve as the operational hub of Northern Germany to expand and complete all services of Logistics4Pharma with a wide range of our packaging and monitoring solutions. L4P (Deutschland) GmbH is under total ownership of the Luxembourg-based Logistics4Pharma S.à r.l.

L4P (Deutschland) GmbH
Niendorfer Straße 172
22848 Norderstedt
Phone: +49. 40. 5 77 09 75 – 0

Columbus, Ohio, United States:

Logistics4Pharma Inc.
7200 Alum Creek Drive, Suite B
Columbus, Ohio 43217
United States
Phone: +1. 601. 5 68 20 55

We have also developed a global network of GDP-compliant partners, enabling us to deliver a uniform standard of quality worldwide.

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