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Temperature-controlled shipping of pharmaceutical products lives and dies on the quality of the packing as well as the equipment of the warehouses and vehicles. All these elements must be keenly monitored and expertly regulated along the journey, with documentation attesting to that quality every step of the way. For this reason we built our state-of-the-art pharma-logistics centre and use only the latest technologies.

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In every case the right packing

Logistics4Pharma uses only the highest-quality qualified packing solutions that have a proven ability to maintain the required temperature the entire journey, be it 120 hours or even more.

With a large selection of packing solutions to choose from, we offer pharmaceuticals companies optimum flexibility: from the smallest package of one vial to a wholesale palette of medical equipment. We also guard against potential temperature fluctuations with secure packing solutions. These solutions make possible a stable transport in conditions as extreme as -30°C to +70°.

Total control

The real challenge in temperature-controlled transport is a continuous chain of quality regardless of journey time, route and environmental temperature. We find the perfect balance of technologies to meet this challenge every time.

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Our GDP-compliant warehouses and transport fleet are perfectly suited to accommodate the temperature ranges of “Controlled Room Temperature” (+15 to +25°C), “Refridgerated“ (+2 to +8°C) and “Frozen” (-15 to -25°C). These ranges are secured against temperature fluctuations in multiple ways, and an alarm system will alert all responsible personnel to even the slightest deviation.

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Seamless tracking back arrow

For all business processes at Logistics4Pharma, we integrate the most up-to-date software for comprehensive tracking of our shipments. Our team works conscientiously to document and track the entire process, and if desired those metrics can be attained with precisely calibrated instruments to constantly monitor the temperature profiles without omission. The data is produced in total compliance with given regulations and is ready to be processed for approval.

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High-tech fleet back arrow

We use our own pharma-qualified and tamperproof fleet of vehicles, with GPS and temperature-tracking as standard. We can tell you, at every step of the journey, where your package is, when it is expected to arrive and which temperature the contents sit at. All vehicles are equipped with highly calibrated temperature sensors. For greater quality assurance and protection against tamper, metrics such as when the doors of the vehicle are opened are also recorded.

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Certified partners back arrow

The standards we apply to our own processes apply to those of our chosen worldwide partners. To this end, we require proof of the use of GDP-compliant technologies, carry out rigorous training and regularly audit our partners for compliance.

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