Update for service impact related to COVID-19

The current situation presents an extremely challenging time for all industries and specifically for the logistics and airline industry. As a specialized logistics company please rest assured that we are fully operational and that we are doing all we can to deliver your high-value, temperature-sensitive products, whilst adhering to local government restrictions and the recommendations of the WHO.

The health of our employees has highest priority and ensures continuity of our business. We are therefore introducing shift work in our warehouses and are enabling home office for those employees possible.

If you are in contact with our warehouse employees and drivers, in case of collecting or delivering cargo, we ask you to avoid contact and follow the WHO’s guidelines for social distancing and hygiene.

Land transport:

Many countries in Europe and the world are closing their borders for passenger travel for an indefinite period of time. Whilst most borders remain open for cargo deliveries, the imposed border controls result in long waiting times for trucks. Please consider that increasing border controls and related health checks may lead to traffic blockage in the coming days and weeks.

Please also consider that certain carriers are suspending their services on certain routes to protect their drivers. This may lead to a shortage of available services.

Air transport:

Increasing travel bans around the world also have a severe effect on available airfreight services. Due to the drop of passenger numbers to zero on certain routes as a result of imposed travel restrictions, carriers are significantly reducing their capacity. Since the larger part of cargo is flown on passenger aircrafts, please be aware that we expect considerable capacity constraints in the coming weeks, which eventually lead to large backlogs and consequently delays in airfreight.

To ensure that your cargo can be delivered in a timely manner via road and air, please plan for longer lead times. Prolonged travel time of your product also may require additional measures in regard to temperature control. Please contact us for support to evaluate country-specific restrictions and to plan your upcoming shipments including relevant temperature-control measures, well in advance. Increased lead times and shortage of available services will lead to a rise in prices. We kindly ask for your understanding, that available options and offers may change hourly. We will be in close contact with you to continuously update you on local government restrictions, capacity, transport options and prices.


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