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Strict regulations, high time- and cost-pressures and the merciless requirements of quality and documentation: no other field presents the same level of logistical challenges as the global pharmaceuticals industry. And we are masters of this field. We employ the perfect balance of high-tech standardised processes and experience, and maintain a workforce rigorously trained and under constant improvement.

Logistics 4 Pharma - Expertise - Quality - Storage; man in a storage

Always GDP-compliant

Logistics4Pharma does all its work within the frameworks of the GDP and ISO-9001-2015. All our partners worldwide adhere to the same standards, as well as whichever current regional regulations may apply. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality all along the chain. All compliance and documentation is ensured and managed through a comprehensive quality management system.

We commit ourselves to ensuring every regulation is adhered to and all our processes are in a constant state of improvement and innovation, through the Logistics4Pharma “Quality Policy”. Therein lies our promise of quality in implementing our customers’ requirements.

Constant training

Our employees, and those of our global partners, are fully GDP-trained and work within that framework at all times. With regular training, workplace guidance and advice and strict internal controls, we make sure the most current specifications are not only known but unfailingly implemented.

Hightech Equipment

To ensure comprehensive temperature- and environmental-control, Logistics4Pharma uses state-of-the-art technologies in all areas, from highly temperature-controlled bearing housings to packaging with calibrated data loggers and vehicles specially outfitted with real-time temperature and location tracking. A full-metric recording log of all our business processes enables effortless and comprehensive quality control.

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