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Logistics Consulting

The delicate and volatile nature of shipping sensitive pharmaceuticals products means even small deviations can cause danger to life and limb. Strict regulations and documentation requirements can make the situation even more of a tightrope walk. Our solution to both situations is to plan out the logistics in advance, and to account for every step: packing, storage, vehicle and journey.

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The earlier the better

Logistics4Pharma is happy to join a client early in the planning stages of a shipment plan. This way we can set best practices from the beginning of the chain and can ensure seamless implementation and documentation of the shipment, while keeping costs low and product secure.

This relationship can start even earlier than the beginning of a shipment. The earlier we begin to co-operate on transport routes and distribution, the higher and better met the requirements and the more comprehensively designed the entire project. For example, it is often a requirement to adhere to a maximum transport time of 24 hours during trials. With our help, complicated journeys in such short run-times can be planned in advance and implemented without a hitch.

From transport to total distribution

As a result of our consulting process, we design the procedure as a team. Which packaging is right to regulate the temperature? Which route best meets our requirements of reliability and safety? What other documents and approvals will we need? The scope of our performance depends entirely on what our clients require. This gives us the power to map out all permutations of our service, from simple transport, to complete distribution and sales with order and payments handling.

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