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Pharma Logistics

In pharma-logistics, adherence to the transport requirements is of the utmost importance, with the stakes being the total loss of the sensitive goods being shipped. For much the same reasons, compliance with regulations must be fully documented.

To our clients, Logistics4Pharma is an ever-focussed GDP-compliant logistics partner. We ensure, in complete compliance with our IATA license, that your shipment arrives promptly, safely and with the correct legal paper trail.

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Customised transport solutions

Our experienced and GDP-trained team begin each project anew and create a bespoke transport solution every time – with the ideal packing, route and transport. Where possible, we even provide real-time updates.

We also provide all the required documentation for the transport, with finely calibrated measurements and details as required.

Worldwide coordination from A to Z

Logistics4Pharma is your relyable partner when it comes to full support in preparation of the necessary documents – dangerous goods documentation being a prime example – and guide you through all the approvals processes. Our team are across the ins and outs, and the hurdles, in all different countries and logistical situations. This specialist knowledge allows us to smooth and quicken the transport process, and to always meet time and product specifications, even if it means such particulars as sensitivity to deviations in light or temperature.

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On top of our own fleet of vehicles, only GDP-compliant partners are used for global air or road transport. We do this to make sure every step of the process complies with our high quality standards.

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Air freight back arrow

We use the freight capabilities of a number of chosen airlines or - if cargo and timetable require - specially chartered aircraft. For particularly timely, confidential or sensitive shipments, we often use onboard couriers to accompany the shipments.

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Road transport back arrow

On the road, we stick to our golden rule: One shipment, one vehicle. This way we make certain the needs of our clients are not confused, and paperwork is at all times clear.

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Dangerous goods handling back arrow

All our employees are highly trained in the handling of dangerous goods and can support our clients with all handling and documentation requirements. We are happy to take over the effort of “Dangerous Goods Declarations” from our clients, because we know exactly how it’s done.

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Clinical trials back arrow

Clinical trials place special demands on time and logistics. Logistics4Pharma has extensive experience in the packaging, documentation, distribution and handling of pharmaceuticals products in clinical trials.

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