Logistics 4 Pharma - Warehousing; Storage unit


Logistics4Pharma’s Frankfurt am Main base is home to our own GDP-compliant pharma-logistics warehouse. Here we can offer bespoke hygiene standards and fully-automated temperature control. We offer by default the following ranges:

Controlled Room Temperature: +15℃ to +25℃
Refrigerated:   +2℃ to   +8℃
Frozen:  -25℃ to  -15℃
Deep Frozen:  -40℃ to  -35℃
Ultra Deep Frozen:                 -80℃
Cryogenic (LIN):                 -196℃

In the unlikely event the temperature fluctuates, an alarm goes off and an alert goes out immediately to all responsible parties.

Kit Assembly Services for Clinical Trials & Patient Treatment

Procurement and storage of clinical supplies to meet the individual needs of customers, planning the ideal packaging solution, assembly of kits, and organizing supply chains, including documentation and seamless communication with the customer.

Customs Service

Logistics4Pharma is certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

We take care of all interactions with the German customs authorities; Import clearances and export allowances are the basics offered. We also offer bonded storage at our warehouse for transit and long-storage goods.

Perfectly tailored to your supply chain

Depending on the requirements of our customers, we can increase our produce capacity and adapt to new requests. In close cooperation with your team, we can optimize the supply chain for each of your products.

Worldwide temperature control

For warehousing at the point of delivery, we maintain a worldwide partner network. This way we can make absolutely sure each product is at its optimum state from beginning to end.

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