Logistics4Pharma Expands GDP-Compliant Bonded Warehousing Services

Frankfurt, 26th September 2023 – Logistics4Pharma, a specialist in pharmaceutical cold-chain warehousing and logistics, has completed a relocation to a larger bonded warehouse in Kelsterbach, Germany, in April 2023, while simultaneously expanding the range of services. This carries forward from October of last year, when GDP-compliant bonded warehouse services were first introduced. By early 2023, it became evident that a larger facility was imperative to meet the rapid demand for these services near Frankfurt airport.

“With this move, we transitioned from Frankfurt Höchst to Darmstadt in terms of district authorities, strategically positioning us even closer to Frankfurt airport. Our team has also undertaken significant efforts to enhance our capabilities by investing in state-of-the-art cooling equipment and premium coolants, enabling us to operate much more efficiently within a temperature range spanning -80ºC to +25ºC for various classes of dangerous goods” said Kees Schmidt Head of Operations & Customer Service. “The full scope of our logistics services now includes airport pick-up, customs clearance, transfer to and from our bonded temperature-controlled warehouse, and customized repackaging for air transport, ensuring DG IATA compliance for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods.”

“With our bonded status, international customers are no longer compelled to immediately nationalize pharmaceutical shipments intended for European markets and can do so only after their products are sold to specific customers. Our proximity to Frankfurt airport also contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of airfreight shipments” added Julius von Pfeil, Head of Supply Chain and Finance. “Where needed, we can assist our customers without third-party agent brokers, eliminating the risk of sharing sensitive customer data such as invoices with external parties and streamlining operations by having a single point of contact overseeing all imports, incoming goods, and storage processes up to the final dispatch.”

“Our team continues to work tirelessly to establish ourselves as the top niche logistics provider for the German pharmaceutical industry. We prioritize redundancy within our infrastructure and employees, invest greatly in staff training, ensure a high level of regulatory compliance, and genuinely care for the high-value pharmaceutical products we manage” concluded Julius von Pfeil Head of Supply Chain and Finance. “This new warehouse is one of the very few capable of offering GDP-certified, bonded and temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics solutions for pharmaceutical products around Frankfurt airport, all while providing a highly customizable service.”

The team will be onsite at CPHI Worldwide 2023 in Barcelona from the 24th to the 26th of October in Hall 4, booth D49. If you are interested in collaborating, email the team at infofra@logistics4pharma.de any time.

About Logisitcs4Pharma

Logistics4Pharma is a Frankfurt-based GDP-compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified logistics and warehousing partner operating globally under its own IATA license. Logistics4Pharma is also an Authorized Economic Operator for the German Customs Authorities and offer a wide range of bonded warehousing and custom clearing services and is a Regulated Agent for the German Aviation Administration.

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