Completion of successful inspection to validate good distribution practices

Frankfurt, 8 December 2020 – Logistics4Pharma, a German pharmaceutical logistics and cold chain specialist, recently completed a successful inspection to validate good distribution practices (GDP) for the storage and transportation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished drug products.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, and vaccine manufacturers come closer to launching commercial solutions, the team at Logistics4Pharma is ramping up its efforts to support European manufacturers in their cold-chain packaging, storage, and logistics efforts” said Kees Schmidt, Head of Operations at Logistics4Pharma.

The Logistics4Pharma facility completed a successful inspection according to § 64 AMG from the Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt certifying GDP guideline compliance for APIs and finished drug storage. The facility offers 1,000 square meters of fully validated space to support 500 pallets for storage. A modern range of equipment supports minus 25 to minus 15-degree Celsius, 2 to 8-degree Celsius and ambient 15 to 25-degree Celsius cold storage options with backup power supplies. Dedicated and validated refrigerated vans are used for transportation to and from the airport.

“With a location just ten minutes from the Frankfurt airport featuring fully validated and GDP-compliant facility and transportation methods, we are ready to partner with pharmaceutical ingredient and drug product manufacturers looking for modern cold-chain storage solutions. Our team can be uniquely flexible across the life of an engagement,” added Kees Schmidt. “We can tailor a storage and logistics program, including offering the latest one-way packaging solutions for all our temperature conditions to ensure safety in transit.”

GDP-compliant documentation tracks all products entering and leaving the Logistics4Pharma facility and is available for customers with high traceability requirements. Shipment documentation is validated to meet relevant international guidelines, and one-way packaging solutions have been stockpiled to support increased demand.


About Logisitcs4Pharma

Logistics4Pharma meets the pharmaceutical industry’s complex cold-chain logistics requirements by offering a range of GDP-compliant and validated services. The company tailors warehousing, packaging, transportation, documentation, and customs clearance support for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), dangerous goods, and finished drug products from their Frankfurt facility 10 minutes from the Frankfurt Airport (FRA) cargo hub.